Coanda Bounces Back in Race 4 of the VCO ProSIM SERIES!

With four races completed, the VCO ProSim SERIES is looking to be very competitive all the way to the final race in March. Round 4 saw VRS coach and Coanda Simsport driver Josh Rogers teamed up with professional driver Ayhancan Güven take the checkered flag at Interlagos to move him up to 3rd place in the Esports standings from 7th after his mishap the previous race. Rogers and Güven have won two of the first four races and Güven is currently in 2nd place behind Laurin Henrich in the pro driver standings.

Round 4 was a good comeback week for Coanda Simsport after a disappointing round 3 with the team claiming three of the top four finishes. Jeremy Bouteloup and Matt Campbell placed 3rd with Mack Bakkum and Sage Karam claiming the 4th place spot. The next closest finisher for the team was Tommy Ostgaard in 9th teamed up with Gustas Grinbergas.

Rogers took the pole position and started the race off right. He said, “Qualifying went well getting some clean air right out of the box. From there, I was just aiming to put in the cleanest laps I could waiting for around lap 5 or 6 when the car and tires would really start to come on. It was all about setting yourself up for those 1 or 2 laps, and in the end, I managed to do just that putting the car on pole.”

In the championship race, the drama from behind Rogers unfolded on the 2nd lap when Thomas Petitjean in 2nd place was involved in an incident with Max Benecke that resulted in Petitjean off track and into the wall on the exit of the Senna S and then at the back of the pack, and Benecke getting a drive through penalty. This opportunity helped Bouteloup and Bakkum to move up and contend for the podium. Meanwhile, Rogers was clear of the mayhem but the race was far from over. Rogers stated, “The car/track combo of the F3 car at Interlagos was insane! Such a combination of flowing high speed corners and tight hairpins meant for some great racing.” And, that’s exactly what happened.

Rogers raced clean for his entire stint and handed off to Güven who never let up. With this comeback, Rogers and Bakkum are in the hunt at 3 and 4 respectively with half a series to go. And Østgaard, Bouteloup, and Martin Krönke are still in contention at 9, 10, and 11. So, the next race on January 20th will be crucial in the run for championship.

You can catch it live here:
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And, here’s a full list of VRS coaches and their pro driver counterparts:
Coanda Simsport
Martin Krönke – Bruno Spengler
Mack Bakkum – Sage Karam
Tommy Østgaard – Gustas Grinbergas
Josh Rogers – Ayhancan Guven
Jeremy Bouteloup – Matt Campbell

Team Fordzilla
Pablo López – Mike Epps

Core SimRacing
Sindre Setsaas – Mirko Bortolotti

Williams Esports
Alex Arana – Raffaele Marciello