DirectForce Pro

The DirectForce Pro is a state of the art sim racing direct drive wheel system engineered to create a superior racing experience.


Up to 20 Nm of force can be applied directly to the wheel. This is truly enough power to simulate forces generated in a racecar.


Accuracy to go along with power provides a superior experience and advantage over consumer-grade wheels. Feel the car start to break loose immediately!


Leave the toys behind. This is a durable solution that has been tested to meet our highest quality assurance standards.

Why Direct Drive?

Real racecars can generate upwards of 20 Nm (Newton Meters) of force through the steering wheel. For a professional racecar driver, this force is critical to feeling what the car and tires are doing at any given moment. This is where Direct Drive wheels offer a competitive advantage over the competition.

With consumer-grade wheels being able to produce approximately 3-7 Nm of force, the DirectForce Pro peaks at 20 Nm – enough to truly simulate how a racecar feels.

However, it’s not just about the force. It’s also about how quickly and accurately the wheel can deliver those forces. You will feel even the small changes in grip under low and high load conditions. And when the back end starts to slip out the wheel will start to self-correct. All this means a more realistic experience!

By the numbers...

Consumer-Grade Wheels
3-7 Nm
Your Street Car
5 Nm
20 Nm (+/- 10 Nm)
VRS DirectForce Pro
20 Nm

Solution Overview

A) VRS Steering Wheel Rim (In Development)

B) VRS Button Plate (In Development)

C) Mounting Bracket (Optional)

D) Emergency Stop (Optional)

E) Hub Adapter (Optional)

F) MiGE Motor

G) VRS DirectForce Pro Controller

MiGE Motor

The DirectForce Pro is powered by the popular MiGE 130ST-M10010 (“Small” MiGE) Motor. Providing precision, power (20 Nm peak), and durability, this motor can connect to several popular steering wheel rims via our hub adapter.

VRS Controller

The MiGE Motor is controlled by the VRS DirectForce Pro Controller – known as the “brain” of the solution.

Inside the compact enclosure is an all-in-one USB Force Feedback & Motor Controller board bundled with a 400W fanless PSU and brake resistor.

Comparable direct drive wheels start at $1195.00

Our Price Only $799.00

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