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VRS Direct Drive Wheel Base

Real racecars can generate upwards of 20 Nm (Newton Meters) of force through the steering wheel. For a professional racecar driver, this force is critical to feeling what the car and tires are doing at any given moment. This is where Direct Drive wheels offer a competitive advantage over the competition.

With consumer-grade wheels being able to produce approximately 3-7 Nm of force, the DirectForce Pro peaks at 20 Nm – enough to truly simulate how a racecar feels.

However, it’s not just about the force. It’s also about how quickly and accurately the wheel can deliver those forces. You will feel even the small changes in grip under low and high load conditions. And when the back end starts to slip out the wheel will start to self-correct. All this means a more realistic experience!

VRS Precision Pedals

If you’re looking to upgrade from a consumer base set of pedals or you’re tired of the name brand pedals that may have been a deal at the time but just don’t quite give you the consistency you need to get to the next level, look no further then the VRS DirectForce Pro Pedals.

They are available in 2 or 3 pedal sets and are made of high quality material with a unique throttle design that eliminates friction and wear. They are also highly adjustable and sturdy. 

If you want better muscle memory leading to better lap times and more consistency… if you want durability and accuracy… if you want the best value for your money… then the VRS DirectForce Pro Pedals are the right choice.

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