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Virtual Racing School (VRS)?

Modern racing simulation technology by is giving users an unparalleled and unprecedented experience which closely replicates on track racing. As such, drivers are able to develop their skills from the comfort of their own homes.

However, without any guidance, their practice is not as efficient as it could be. Virtual Racing School (VRS) offers the technology and the support network that will enable a new generation of drivers to develop their skills using online racing simulators.

Our mission is to first Create the Next Generation of iRacing Champions and ultimately to Create the Next Generation of Motorsports Champions.

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VRS software takes complex telemetry data, analyzes it and presents it on a simple and intuitive user interface, making it easily understandable for drivers. VRS has the following major features:

Logger & Archival

VRS records and saves the telemetry data from all of a driver’s racing sessions. This means they will always have a complete and detailed history of their performance right at their fingertips.

Racing Stats &
Performance Trends

The software also saves their racing statistics and tracks their performance trends, allowing them to see their progress and easily identify specific skills that they need to develop further.

Analysis Tools

VRS software includes easy-to-use telemetry analysis tools to enable drivers to analyze their driving and car performance on a lap-by-lap or session by session basis.

Race Engineer

VRS includes a virtual race engineer, interpreting complex telemetry data, analyzing the driver’s performance and providing easy-to-understand feedback on how they can become faster and more consistent.

Virtual Racing Coach

VRS includes a virtual racing coach that analyzes a driver’s telemetry and historical patterns to develop individualized programs to help each driver reach their maximum potential.

Live Coach

Where the Virtual Race Engineer and Virtual Coach come short, VRS offers access to top sim-racing drivers and coaches. A driver can browse the coach profiles, request a 1:1 session and learn directly from some of the best.


VRS allows drivers to create or join teams. VRS makes it easy to learn from team-mates, e.g. by comparing one’s telemetry and driving style to that of a team-mate, exchanging car setups, replays, etc.