VRS on YouTube

There are well over a hundred iRacing videos on VRS’ YouTube channel, from detailed track tutorials, overtake reviews, and videos on how to use the software to its full potential.

Here we look at five of the videos you can expect to find.

#1 Track tutorial: 911 GT3 cup at the Nordschleife

David Williams narrates a lap by Rens Broekman, trying his best to pronounce the German corner names and explaining all the secrets of the 154 corners.

#2 Track tutorial: MP4-30 at Circuit of the Americas

Martin Krönke explaining you how to nail COTA in the MP4-30, the track and car combination which he used to clinch his first iRacing World Championship.

#3 Riku Alatalo’s overtake on Teemu Valkeejarvi analysed

An analysis of the overtake during round 1 of the eSM 2017 championship, which consisted of many strategic corners and car placement.

#4 Track tutorial: Ford Fusion Gen6 at the Atlanta Motor Speedway

Ray Alfalla guides you through a race run on Atlanta for the NASCAR Class A Fixed series. Learn how the car handling changes as the tires wear out, and how to adjust your driving style throughout the run.

#5 Software tutorial and how to identify opportunities for improvement

Martin Krönke explains how to use the VRS software with the biggest potential, and how to see the areas of your driving which you can improve.


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