VRS officially out of BETA!

This is a bit overdue but we are finally dropping the “BETA” label from our homepage and our terms of service!

The service has been operating smoothly since our paid subscriptions launch back in March 2017, and we think that “BETA” no longer correctly signifies the state of the VRS service overall. Development is obviously not over and we still have a long list of small and big improvements/features in the pipeline. Individual features only (such as the Stint Analyzer) may remain in beta until we finish polishing them but the overall VRS service is stable.

We’ll soon be updating our Terms of Service to remove all references to “BETA”. And since this is a substantive change, once the terms of use have been updated, we’ll prompt all registered users to accept the updated terms of service.

As always, contact us here in case of any questions, issues or suggestions!