VRS DirectForce Pro Pedals Pricing and Availability

After more than two years of development, our DirectForce Pro pedals are ready and available in limited quantities now.  In the next month or two, we will have many more available.  By the end of Summer, we should have a large supply for direct order.  And, because of the limited quantities, owners of the DirectForce Pro wheelbase will have the first option to purchase if they get on the reservation list (URL at bottom of page).  But, if you’re not a current owner, you should still get on the reservation list so you will be able to purchase sooner than later.  Below please find pricing and configuration information.

Here are the available configurations for purchase:

  • Throttle and brake pedals only: USD 649 / EUR 549 VAT incl.
  • Optional clutch: USD 249 / EUR 199 VAT incl.
  • Optional throttle, brake, and clutch hydraulic damper kit (to available later): USD 149 / EUR 149 VAT incl.
  • Damper kit description: The DirectForce Pro Pedals Damper Kit consists of three hydraulic dampers for the VRS DirectForce Pro Throttle, Brake, and Clutch pedals. Recommended for people who’d like their sim racing pedals to feel a bit more like real-life hydraulic pedals. These dampers will provide extra resistance against rapid input changes which can help to smoothen out your inputs but can add unwanted friction and take away some responsiveness, which is why we offer them as an optional add-on rather than pre-installing them on our damper-less Throttle, Brake and Clutch pedals.

The DirectForce Pro pedal system was designed by racers for racers.  It is currently being used by some of the best sim racers in the world including Coanda Simsport drivers Joshua Rogers, Mitchell DeJong, Ayhancan Güven, Mack Bakkum, and David Williams.

They are currently being used by members of the Coanda team in the Porsche Tag Heuer Esports Supercup. They’ve already seen many podiums including the iRacing 24hrs of Daytona where Josh Rogers, Mitchell DeJong, and Mack Bakkum won the 1st split overall championship in the Dallara P217 (LMP2).  And, Josh Rogers recently won the VCO ProSim Series with the VRS DirectForce Pro wheelbase and pedals.    

So, if you’re looking for precise, smooth, and durable pedals at a very competitive price, we believe you will be quite pleased with our two years of hard work, engineering and testing.  These ultra-premium pedals are highly adjustable with a reliable and consistent response.  

Here are just some of the highlights and features of the VRS DirectForce Pro Pedals:

  • Extensive pedal face adjustability, including height, angle, and depth
  • Custom PTFE inserts for even smoother operation
  • Fully shielded pedal controller, cables, and grounded load cells throughout
  • Customized and refined hydraulic dampers with minimal free-play
  • Rodless throttle redesign to completely eliminate friction

These highlights come in addition to the following features we’ve had from the start:

  • FEA optimized laser cut stainless steel construction to minimize weight
  • Coil springs throughout for consistent and friction-free response
  • Shielded and flanged ball bearings encapsulated within tolerance rings, eliminating free-play from the construction
  • Special cam assembly design with adjustable linkage for progressive brake feel

If you’re ready for our game-changing pedals, now is the time to get on our reservation list.  Right now, quantities are limited, but they are being produced, and more will be available as our production gets ramped up.  

To reserve yours today, go here:  https://virtualracingschool.appspot.com/#/DFP-Reservations