1:1 Coaching Update

For the last four years since our launch in early 2016, we have strived to provide the best value coaching service in sim racing here on VRS, with a vast selection of world champion level drivers available for 1:1, tailored sessions. Not only have we been unmatched anywhere on price, we’ve also given our customers the opportunity to learn from the best.

As the sim racing world continues to go from strength to strength, demand for these services continues to increase. With our core subscription service to data packs, our online driving analyser and tutorials, we are able to meet this growth without issue, and our coaches will continue to work hard to provide the best reference laps, instructional videos and setups possible long into the future.

Many of you will have been following the development of our DirectForce Pro wheel base and pedals, of which we hope to be shipping the first wheel base units to customers in the coming weeks, while we continue to work hard to release our pedals later this year.

With regards to individual coaching, we need to make some changes now in order to be able to continue to provide 1:1 coaching with the world’s best sim racers for years to come. Effective today (March 28th, 2020), we are making the following changes:

  • The hourly base rate for all coaching will change to 99 EUR/USD.
  • Individual coaches will be able to set their own price.
  • We will honor all coaching coupons / gift cards issued at the old rate.
  • For a limited period, any existing students who have had coaching previously will be able to book additional sessions at the old rate (contact your coach for scheduling).
  • Also for a limited period, new students can book coaching at the old rate if they agree to the session being live streamed to the public on twitch and other platforms.
  • Sessions at the new rate will optionally be video recorded and a private copy be available to the student for later reference.
  • Similarly, coach driving data from a joint practice session will be made available to the student for later reference.
  • These same sessions will also be accompanied with a short written summary with some things for the student to focus on afterwards.
  • Finally, we will simplify the coaching session options to make booking your first sessions simpler and easier than before.

As always, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need help getting started with 1:1 coaching.