Datapacks are coming out of BETA!

Untitled-1In early 2016 we opened our BETA program, and in the past year we’ve made significant progress with the VRS platform. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The ranks of our coaches include three 2016 iRacing World Champions from each of the categories (road, oval and endurance), along with other top WCS drivers. Whether you use datapacks or take 1:1 coaching, you can literally learn from the best iRacers on VRS.
  • We vastly expanded the selection of datapacks and we now cover the most popular road and oval series.
  • The datapacks page was completely revamped, making it very easy to browse to and download datapack files (.sto, .rpy, .blap, .olap), as well as to quickly compare driving against the datapack.
  • We’ve built a new video driving analyzer. From the cockpit and chase views, you can study the positioning and orientation of the car at each of the important points around the corner (e.g brake point, turn-in point, throttle point) as you compare your laps against datapack laps or teammates’ laps.
  • We redesigned our navigation to make it quick and easy to compare yourself against one or multiple targets (e.g. datapack or a teammate) session after session.
  • We also made it easy to track setup changes stint to stint and to collaborate with teammates on setup building.
  • We started a series of detailed driving tutorials that not only explain how to get around the track but also explain why the car is driven in this way. Watching these tutorials over several weeks will give you a better understanding of topics like car balance, handling, grip changes, etc.
  • We started and have been expanding our Academy knowledge bank with articles and videos on a wide variety of topics, ranging from driving technique, through ergonomics to car setups.

There is a ton more we want to do in terms of both content and software features and we want to be able to continue this work for years to come. In order to be able to do that, we need to build a sustainable business around VRS. Hence, effective March 21st 2017, we’ll be introducing several subscription tiers to VRS:

  • Casual (FREE) is our free subscription tier, which is ideal for the casual iRacers, who only get to practice about once per week. Access to datapacks and teams data is time-limited (to e.g. one evening per week) and advanced features such as side-by-side video comparison and advanced telemetry are not available.
  • Dedicated (4.99/mo, 49.99/y) is our low-usage (or low-budget) tier. It is nearly identical to the Casual plan. The difference is that you can unlock full access to a single datapack or team and still causally compare against other datapacks. Side-by-side video comparison and advanced telemetry aren’t available.
  • Competitive (9.99/mo, 99.99y) is ideal for active iRacers who are serious about improving their lap times. You get full and unlimited access to all current and past datapacks, as well as to teammates data, and advanced features. This plan also allows you to request 1:1 coaching.
  • Pro (128.99/mo, 386.97/q) is ideal for the highly-motivated simracer who aims to develop their skills rapidly and who wants to be competitive at the highest levels on iRacing. This plan includes weekly 1:1 coaching and offers a 15% discount on all 1:1 coaching.

For a full comparison of available plans and features, take a look here.