VRS DirectForce Pro Wheel Base – Pricing Update

The VRS DirectForce Pro Wheel Base will retail in the US for $799 and in the EU for €899 (VAT incl.). We expect to start shipping in early 2020. Reservations are now open HERE.

VRS DirectForce Pro is our high-end, competitively-priced sim racing hardware product line. After receiving strongly positive feedback at the SimRacing Expo earlier this year (driver quotes here), we are excited to bring the VRS DirectForce Pro Wheel Base to market early 2020.

VRS DirectForce Pro Wheel BaseThe VRS DirectForce Pro Wheel Base consists of:

  • VRS DirectForce Pro controller, which is a custom designed all-in-one FFB USB and motor controller, in a compact 5x16x18cm enclosure, using a 400W Mean Well PSU.
  • The popular 20Nm MiGE motor with 22-bit BISS-C encoder and customized for the VRS DirectForce Pro controller.
  • 3 meter motor power and encoder cables with double shielding and quality metal connectors.
  • 2 meter long double-shielded USB cable.
  • AC power cord for the respective region.

Optional accessories:

  • Motor shaft hub adapter for a steering wheel with standard 70mm PCD bolt pattern. The hub adapter has 6x M5 threaded holes that allow you to directly screw a steering wheel onto hub adapter. Not needed if your steering wheel comes with its own quick-release hub, or if your steering wheel is screwed in from the back and requires through-hole mounting holes on the hub adapter.
  • Motor mounting bracket for mounting on desks or rigs that only support bottom mounting. Not needed if your rig comes with a front motor mounting bracket with mount holes for the MiGE motor.
  • (To be released later) Remote stop box with a torque off switch and power on/off switch.

A VRS wheel rim with button plate with paddle shifters will be released at a later date. In the meantime, the VRS DirectForce Pro Wheel Base is compatible with any OSW style steering wheel and button plate. Some third parties even offer conversion kits for popular mid-end wheels. You need a sturdy rig that can withstand the forces produced by the MiGE motor.

We will initially be only serving the US and EU markets with a warehouse in each of the two markets. Once we scale our production, we’ll start selling to customers outside of the US and the EU. We are now accepting no-deposit reservations. The reservations will help us monitor demand in different markets and will help us ensure we have appropriate levels of stock in our US and EU warehouses. With a reservation you’d be able to monitor your estimated shipping date. And when your turn is up, you’ll be able to convert your reservation to an order. You can place a reservation here (free VRS account required).

Pricing for those shipping to the US:

  • VRS Direct Force Pro Wheel Base – $799
  • Motor hub adapter – $49
  • Motor mounting bracket – $49

Pricing for those shipping to the EU:

  • VRS Direct Force Pro Wheel Base – €899 (VAT incl.)
  • Motor hub adapter – €49 (VAT incl.)
  • Motor mounting bracket – €49 (VAT incl.)

We will announce pricing and availability for other markets like Canada and Australia at a later date. We would ship to the US and to the EU from warehouses within those markets, so we expect the shipping costs to be quite reasonable. We’ll announce the shipping costs by the time we start converting reservations to orders.

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