VRS DirectForce Pro Compatible Steering Wheel Options

VRS DirectForce Pro Compatible Steering Wheel Options

Many VRS DirectForce Pro (DFP) purchasers didn’t own a compatible steering wheel already, so they purchased one separately. VRS does not sell its own steering wheels yet, so we surveyed current DFP owners to see which steering wheels they purchased, and compiled the most popular solutions. Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey. We hope you find this list helpful!

To be compatible with the VRS hub clamp, the connection to the wheel/button plate must be a 3 or 6 screw 70mm PCD pattern. Most “Direct Drive/ OSW compatible” wheels will have this pattern. Some real-world steering wheels, and Fanatec/Thrustmaster wheels require an adapter.

Price differences often come down to build quality, materials, and functionality. VRS is NOT endorsing any of these products nor responsible for your customer experience, so please do your own due diligence.

Most popular wheels with buttons and paddles:
Popular solutions at 3 different price levels. 

Lowest Cost ($):

Mid-Range ($$):

High-End ($$$):

Full options list with various price points…
These are lists of manufacturers or distributors for different solution types. There is some overlap with the “most popular” list.

Wheel+Button plate+Shifters combo:
Distributors or manufacturers for complete solutions for steering wheels with buttons and paddle shifters. Many of these stores sell standalone button plates as well.

Standalone wheels:
Popular steering wheels used in both sim and real racing. If you want a button plate and paddles, you’ll have to source those separately.

Button plate standalone:
In addition to the companies listed that sell full solutions, these shops sell standalone button plates as well, to use with a steering wheel.


If you already own a Thrustmaster or Fanatec wheel, or prefer to buy from one of those companies, you’ll need a DIY conversion kit:
SRC (https://www.simracingcoach.com/en/contenido/conversion-aros-thrustmaster-osw/)
sells Thrustmaster kits, and 
SRM (https://www.simracingmachines.com/WebShop/wheel-conversions)
sells Fanatec kits.
Contact them to confirm compatibility with the steering wheel.

Quick Releases:
Optional accessory to allow convenient attachment/removal of steering wheels


If you have specific questions about these products, please contact their respective distributor. Contact info@virtualracingschool.com for any suggestions for this list, or questions about VRS DirectForce Pro.