Together with the top sim racing team of Positive SimRacing, we’re launching the PSR-Driver Development Programme. Eight drivers will join the PSR Blancpain Sprint Series team for two full seasons (2017 S2 & S3), and will receive coaching and tutoring from PSR drivers and VRS coaches. The goal is to have these eight drivers feature in the qualifiers for the 2018 iRacing Blancpain Endurance World Championship Series, under the PSR banner. The programme starts March 14th 2017.

This is an official programme, with contract and confidentiality on intellectual property belonging to the team, such as setups. The programme is subsidised by PSR to make it more affordable for talented drivers. The package costs $150 per driver for all 24 weeks, and includes:

  • 60 minute group coaching sessions on Tuesdays (30 min Q&A, 30 min driver analysis)
  • 60 minute group coaching sessions on Fridays (30 min Q&A, 30 min driver analysis)
  • Car liveries
  • Setups
  • Cost of the team’s hosted sessions
  • Full inclusion to the team, including website and social media appearance
  • VRS Competitive subscription (worth $60)

To apply or request more information, please download this file via Google Docs or direct link, and send it with your details to drivers@positive-simracing.com before March 10th 2017.

On behalf of VRS, the coaches are David Williams and Rens Broekman. Want to read testimonials on VRS? Click here.