Martin Krönke

Martin first got exposed to simracing back in 1995 with NASCAR Racing and IndyCar Racing from Papyrus. Things got more serious in 2007 when Martin set his first world record in Live for Speed. He then made it into the top 3 of Ferrari Virtual Academy which earned him a test-drive in a Formula Abarth in Fiorano. Martin has been competing at the World Championship level in iRacing since 2012, finishing the Grand Prix Series 2nd in both 2014 and 2015.

My simracing career started pretty early, I think it was 1995 when I watched my dad playing some random game on the computer. He mostly turned left. Not a surprise as the first racing games he played were NASCAR Racing and IndyCar Racing from Papyrus.
I was fascinated by that and also tried it.

I think in 1999 my dad bought some new game called Grand Prix Legends. He also bought a wheel and pedal set for about 20 bucks. Obviouly it didn’t have FFB. It also had incredibly bad pedals and a lock-to-lock range of about 180°. That combined with the physics of GPL made me mad quite soon and I went to play other games like Need for Speed.

The next major step was DTM Racedriver 2 as this was the first game I ever played online, when we finally got DSL in 2004. I even bought a Logitech Momo Racing for that. Not much later, the demo of GTR was released and it was very good at that time. So I bought the game and raced online.
I also raced in GTR2 for a while, however I didn’t do any league races.

In 2007 I tried Live for Speed. I joined a team and did some league races. It didn’t take long (in fact it took 2 weeks) until I set my first world record in LFS. After the season was over I joined another team and went for endurance racing.

After 3 years, LFS got boring (as all excellent drivers went to iRacing) and there was a new sim out: Ferrari Virtual Academy. The fact that I could win some stuff there made me buy it and try it out. I was doing better than expected and even made it into the top 3 in the worldwide classification. That meant: I won a testdrive in a Formula Abarth in Fiorano.

Due to lack of motivation to drive FVA again (only hotlapping) and LFS never getting any updates, I looked for another sim. I figured I should try iRacing.
I did so and spent some time driving the MX5 until the 2010 worldcup.

I then got me some black stripes in 2011 Season 2, did the Pro Series 2011 and then competed in the 2012 iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series.