W09 – BMW Z4 GT3 at Oulton Park

Join David for a qualifying lap analysis at Oulton Park with BMW Z4 GT3: “One of the best historic club style circuits in the UK. It’s known for it’s narrow layout and constant elevation and camber changes, presenting a real challenge to any driver.”

Conditions: Default Afternoon weather with 20% rubber. Track temperature 41.20C. Driver: David Williams

The setup, replay and telemetry datapack can be found on https://virtualracingschool.com/ where you can also request 1:1 live coaching sessions with Coanda Simsport drivers.

Data and laptimes for this week:
– Audi R8 – 1:28.717 (get setups, replays, etc. here
– Mercedes AMG: 1:28.864 (get setups, replays, etc. here
– BMW Z4: 1:28.599 (get setups, replays, etc. here
– McLaren MP4-12C: 1:28.902 (get setups, replays, etc. here

Please note, the lap in this weeks video was driven prior to the rebalancing update on 3/11/16. The datapacks however have been updated as of 8/11/16.