3: What lap comparisons make sense?

In this video, we look at what laps are best to compare and what you should look for.

  • Average Fast Lap versus Average Lap comparison makes it very obvious where you need to improve your consistency. There is little point in trying to improve your fastest lap if you have a big time delta between your average fast and average laps. You need to work on your consistency first. Notice which turns you are negotiating better when you go faster and work on improving your awareness and consistency through these turns.
  • Perfect Lap versus Average Lap comparison is worth looking at once you’ve gained enough consistency that your Average Fast and Average Laps are fairly close. The Perfect Lap versus Average Lap comparison will reveal how you went through individual turns faster than you normally do. Analyze the telemetry to understand what you did differently this one time and then spend a session or two trying to improve one turn at a time.
  • If you have a teammate or have an active telemetry subscription, then you can compare your average lap against another driver’s fastest or perfect laps. Look for differences in their and your driving styles and try to replicate their performance.