2: Selecting laps to compare

This video explains how to compare single and aggregated laps in the Lap Analyzer.

Using the Lap Analyzer you can select and compare any two laps from the same or different sessions. Which laps you should compare depends on what insight you want to extract from the data.

Any standard telemetry software would allow you to compare single laps. For example, you may want to compare your fastest laps from your two most recent sessions. [select the fastest laps] For example, that would be Lap 11 from the most recent session and Lap 4 from the previous session. With the Lap Analyzer, you don’t even need to remember which lap number was your fastest lap. Simply select the lap named “Fastest Lap” from the Lap Picker.

The Lap Analyzer is great for comparing single laps, however, comparing your fastest laps may not always be very useful. If you lack consistency and self-awareness, you will find that our “aggregate laps” will help you gain insights into your subconscious driving patterns.

Here are the aggregate laps which VRS makes available:

  • Average Lap represents your driving style and performance in an average pace lap from the selected session.
  • Average Fast Lap captures your driving style and performance in laps where you were going faster than your average pace.
  • Optimal Lap is stitched together from your best performance in each of the official sectors.
  • Perfect Lap is stitched together from your best performance in the various parts of the track.