1: Lap Analyzer and its navigation

This video shows you how to navigate through the Lap Analyzer in VRS’ software.

At the top, below the car/track picker, you’ll find the lap pickers which allow you to select the reference and comparison laps. You can expand and collapse the picker by clicking on the arrow. Once the lap pickers are expanded, you can select different laps by choosing a driver, car, session and a lap.

Right below the lap pickers you’ll see a number of tabs, for example, Driving Style, Tires, etc. Depending on the tab you select, charts for different telemetry channels will be displayed underneath.

On the left, you see the sector selector. It shows you where the reference lap gained or lost time against the comparison lap. Clicking on a sector zooms in the track map and all the charts. To zoom out just the track view, click on the magnifier. To zoom out both the track view and the charts, click on Full Track in the sector selector.

On the bottom, there is a slider which you can drag forwards and backwards in order to move the cursor throughout the lap.

Finally, each of the telemetry graphs can be expanded and collapsed with the arrow. A description for the graph is available under the info icon. If a graph is unclear or you suspect a bug, you can submit feedback by pressing the Questions and Suggestions button in the info tooltip.

In subsequent videos we will look at which laps make for a good comparison and we go over some examples of how to actually analyze your driving style and performance.