4: Identifying opportunities for improvement

This video shows you how to use the Lap Analyzer charts in the Driving Style tab to find opportunities for improving your driving style.

The Sector Selector, which is located on the left, shows the lap time delta between the reference and comparison laps – total time lost or gained for the entire lap, as well as time gained or lost in each sector of the track. Green means that the comparison lap gained time on the reference lap. Red means that the comparison lap lost time. In this example, the comparison lap gained a total of 0.880 seconds. The most of that came from sectors 3, 4 and 6. As you probably noticed, the sectors are conveniently sorted by time gained.

When you click on a sector in the Sector Selector, all charts automatically zoom in to this sector. If you are unsure where on the track this sector is located exactly, you can click on the magnifier icon to zoom out the Track Map.

VRS tries to detect whether time was gained or lost due to difference in brake or throttle application and automatically expands the corresponding charts. For example, the time gained in sector 4 is mostly due to difference in braking. VRS opens the brake charts and highlights the differences. In sector 3 the most time was gained due to differences in acceleration. Again, VRS opens the corresponding throttle charts and highlights the differences.

VRS may not always automatically detect the cause for the gained or lost time. In this case, you can use the Speed Delta chart to do a manual analysis. Click on the sector which you want to analyze. In this example, sector 3. Open the Speed Delta chart and look for “bumps” which represent gained speed. Gained speed translates into gained time further down the sector. Gained speed during the braking phase of a turn indicates that there is an opportunity to improve your braking technique. Gained speed during the acceleration phase of a turn indicates that there is an opportunity to improve your acceleration technique.

In the next videos we will analyze braking, throttle and steering input in greater detail.