5: How to practice

This video is about improving your driving style. Use identical car setup and weather settings, so that the only variable in your telemetry is your driving style.

In this example, we compare Average Fast versus Average Lap from the last session. Let’s look at the third sector, and you’ll see that the Average Lap can be improved by 0.409 seconds if the fast laps in this sectors can be consistently repeated. VRS automatically highlights the difference in throttle application, and time is gained in fast laps due to accelerating more steadily.

With this newfound awareness, start a new practice session and do a few laps without trying to change anything about your driving. Just observe your throttle application in the third sector. If you haven’t already, pick a reference point on the side of the track and notice where you start accelerating relative to the reference point.

After a few laps, apply the knowledge you acquired in VRS and accelerate consistently as steady as possible. Continue to observe where and when you are pressing the accelerator. Keep practicing until you observe that you can indeed accelerate identically for a few laps in a row.

After you end the practice session, return to VRS to analyze your performance and see whether you have improved. Compare the Average Lap from the most recent session and the Average Lap from the session before. This will show you what changed between the two sessions. Select the third sector and you’ll see, in this example, that there is indeed an improvement of 0.434 seconds. The throttle pattern of the Average Lap has indeed changed as intended.

Finally, let’s compare Average Fast versus Average Lap from the most recent session to see what are the remaining opportunities for improving consistency. Maybe there is more to gain in the same sector, or maybe now you have bigger opportunities in other sectors. If the Average Fast and Average Laps are getting pretty close now, try looking at Perfect Lap versus Average Lap.